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Bodyweight Training: Calisthenics

Spectators see human flags everywhere. They see mighty muscle ups, single leg squats and one-arm push-ups. Party tricks? Brute strength? Mind games? Sometimes folks think these moves are fancy, complicated, even esoteric. Well I’m here to tell you these moves are simple. Far from easy, but simple.

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Serge Nubret - Profile, Workout, Photos and Diet

Serge Nubret “The Black Panther” – Diet, Workout & Profile

With 18 bodybuilding titles, including Mr Europe, Mr Universe and Mr World, Serge Nubret has been named as one of the most aesthetic men of all time and one of bodybuilding’s ‘Golden Era’ royalty. This is our exclusive profile on Serge Nubret, featuring his workouts, diet, ab training and the story behind his bodybuilding success.

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