Fitness Model Rachel Korpach: The Interview

We have been catching up with fitness model Rachel Korpach and talking about her diet, training and motivation. Leave any questions you have for Rachel by commenting at the end of the article.



So how did you first get started in fitness?

I first got started with fitness at a very young age. I had always played sports and loved them. As I became older my understanding and passion for fitness grew and I became serious and driven to be involved. The lifestyle and I became a force to be recconed with. It is my greatest teacher in which it gives me hope, challenges me, and shows me what I am made of.

What made you decide to do your first show?

I had always had role models in the fitness industry. I was the girl who had an athlete as the background on my iphone for motivation. I would always tell myself that “One day, I will look like this.” At the time it was a dream, and although I am always looking to make improvments, I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I once though it could never be done. This is what truly motivated me to do my first show.

How did it feel to take part in your first show?

The feeling of doing my first show felt like pure achievement. I had got up on stage and faced all my fears. Stepping on stage was the ultimate high. Leading up to the show it was a roller-coaster of emotions; I dealt with fear, doubt, sadness, frustration, passion, happiness, determination and in the end after fighting my way through it, the final result of completion was an unbelievable feeling.


What advice would you give someone considering competing?

My advice would be to focus on 2 things.

  1. ALWAYS give it your all. Dont stop your cardio half way through. Dont skip a workout. Dont let your cheat meal last the whole day. The more you are dicaplined with yourself, the better the result will be. You may find you will wake up with pure amazment of what you are capable of, and a feeling of the sort is worth more than any craving you would ever get.
  2. Stay humble. I noticed that some people get extremely caught up in this competition and begin to lose themselves. Remember who you are and enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about other trying to bring you down because karma never loses an address.

What was your training program leading up to the competition?

My training program changed a lot leading up to the competeion so that I was not hitting a plateau. It consisted of a leg day, a chest and tricep’s day, a back and bicep’s day, sholders and abs day, and another leg day. I was weight training 5 days a week with cardio everyday.

What does a typical day’s nutrition look like?

I eat 6 meals a day, protien in every meal. I like to manipulate my carbs so that I eat more carbs on days that I am training and less on days that I do not weight train.

In terms of supplements, every morning I take:

Currently I don’t take as many supplements but to help with my training leading up to my next show June 7th I will be taking:

I really enjoy taking the product Night Ops’ by Ballistic Labs during contest prep because on occasion I will have trouble sleeping (mostly because I am so excited!) and this product has L-carnatine in it and really helps with my sleeping issues.

What keeps you motivated?

It’s the feeling I get. I got a taste of it and now I know what it is like. No matter how long I go without that same feeling I always know that it will be there if I push myself and work hard. I look down at myself and as individual and I think “Who do I want to be today?” and I look at my options. I think, ” I could be the person who gives up and pushing things aside and makes excuses, or I could be the person who fought for it and could win.” I know that I will not always take the gold, and I also know that it will take me try after try and fail after fail to achieve my goal. When I’m in doubt, I force myself to stop and think about who I want to be and I never allow myself to make the choice that I will be anything less than great.

What do you plan on achieving next?

I now plan on participating in another show. I want to make some improvements on my body and gain more muscle. From there, I plan on eventually getting my pro-card in bikini. It all starts with small changes everyday; pushing myself a bit harder, running a bit more, being more focused. I now know that “impossible” doesn’t apply to you if you don’t want it to, its just mind set.

What are your top songs on your gym playlist?

  1. Blind Faith (Superstar DJ edit) [feat. Liam Bailey]- Chase and Status
  2. Shakedown (LOUDPVCK remix)- Jackal
  3. Treat Me Right- Keys and Krates
  4. My Feelings For You (Original Mix)- Avicii & Sebastien Drums
  5. Pop it- Jikay & MNKN
  6. Seek Bromance (Cazzette meets Ash Vocal Mix)- Tim Berg

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