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Tips to Remain Injury Free


Here are 10 Tips To Remain Injury Free when training from Berkshire based Biomechanics coach, Ian Davies.


1. Keep Moving

We have all heard the phrase “use it or lose it” and this is a top tip for remaining injury free. If we don’t move, our bodies stiffen up and we lose range of movement. This causes our bodies to compensate and as a result we ask muscles to do jobs that aren’t theirs to do and eventually something will have to give whether it be something small like a muscle spasm or something more severe such as, a tear or rupture.

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Greg Plitt: The Death Of A Fitness Legend

We woke today to the sad news that fitness model and actor Greg Plitt’s has died.

According to Los Angeles police, Greg was struck down by a train whilst filming with two of his friends.

Greg has been an inspiration to almost every person with a passion for fitness, his training and motivational videos on YouTube have reached millions of views.

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time and know that the fitness family has lost one of its most inspiring individuals of our time.

Greg will be deeply missed by many but we know that his legacy will live on.

Greg Plitt was truly #madeofmuscle


Rob Riches Ab Workout

Rob Riches Ab Workout

It’s pretty much the first question people ask when they start taking their training seriously: How do I get ripped abs? If you are pondering on this questions you are probably fed up of scrolling through your Instagram feed endlessly seeing ripped six pack abs, feeling slightly downbeat about your own body and wanting to make a difference.

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Danny Kavadlo - Bodyweight Training -Human.Flag

Bodyweight Training: Calisthenics

Spectators see human flags everywhere. They see mighty muscle ups, single leg squats and one-arm push-ups. Party tricks? Brute strength? Mind games? Sometimes folks think these moves are fancy, complicated, even esoteric. Well I’m here to tell you these moves are simple. Far from easy, but simple.

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