Jenna Fail: My Approach To Training

Earlier in the year we published an article about Jenna Fail’s amazing body transformation. Since the article went live, it has had over 800 shares and continues to be one the most read articles on Jenna has received endless requests for her to share her workout and training approach. So we have caught up with her to find out more.


Jenna Fail – My Approach To Training

My approach to training is very simple. I don’t over complicate things or set unrealistic goals for myself. I go in to the gym each time winging it (that approach is not for everyone) but I like it because it keeps things fun for me. If you need to keep a notebook and check off your workouts as you go that’s great too! It’s all about finding what you’re more comfortable doing.

For this article I have listed my favourite exercises for each bodypart. Think of it as a menu of exercises to chose from. From the list below, you can create your own workouts depending on your available time and the number of workouts you can fit in per week.

For example, if you can train four days per week you may choose to train:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Chest
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: Shoulders and Arms

For each bodypart choose 3-4 exercises and perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions. On the last set continue until failure!



When I train legs I do whole leg workouts: Hams, quads, glutes and calves. I will normally do a minimum of 2 exercises per group. Although some days I’ll focus more on a certain area. Here are a few of my must do’s!


I don’t squat heavy, don’t be embarrassed to begin with light weight or even body weight, we all start somewhere! I just focus on getting a good squeeze and really using my glutes to push the weight. I squat around 100lbs.

Leg Press

I always do drop sets on leg press. It really burns the quads up! Love it!

Calve Raise

I do these weighted as well as on the edge of a platform. I do 3 different styles: toes forward, toes pointed in and toes pointed out to really work all the muscles in my calf and to help give me a more rounded look.

Hip Adductor and Abductor

I do long reps on these sometimes upwards of 20.

X Band Walk (One Of My Faves!)

If you’re unsure of how to do this one YouTube it. This will make your outer thighs so hard you can knock on them! (Jenna Fail approved!)

Leg Extensions

I do these with both legs then again as a single leg move.

Leg Curls

I do these the same as the Extensions, together then single.

Walking Lunges with Dumbbells (Or Barbell on Back)

I walk down the gym and back, I set that 3 times (I’m not sure how far it is but use your own judgement, these can if course be done standing in place)

I’ll throw in hack squats, cable donkey kicks, glute machine and bosu ball hop across as well, but these are my must do’s.



My arm days vary but again here’s a list of some of my favourite exercises. All moves I do 12 reps 4 sets.

Dumbbell Curls

I like to do at least 1 isolated movement for Biceps to keep my dominate arm from carrying most of the weight (if you notice one bicep is bigger than the other, no worries! Just add some more isolated moments and it’ll balance out)

Cable curls with rope attachment

I get a much better squeeze with this move vs a standard barbell. Although I do those on occasion as well.

Tricep Dips

I do these on the edge of a bench, body weight to start with then I’ll add weight on my lap.

Skull Crushers

I go slow and focus on really stretching the tricep and squeezing it.



Cable Laterals

I go light on these (my shoulders often bother me so I don’t  go heavy)

Shoulder Press

Machine Press

Standing Barbell Press.




I do as many as I can without assistance, then I will finish them out on the assisted machine. These are my favourite!

Lat Pulldowns

Cable Rows

Barbell Rows

I go heavier on these

Stiff arm Pulldowns

I like to do these slow and really focus on my lats.

Back Extensions

I’ll do my first set with body weight then the rest I’ll do holding weight.



Machine Flys

Dumbbell Flys

Smith Press

I like to use the smith on these just to help keep good form.

Occasionally I’ll do barbell and dumbbell presses as well.



I do all sorts of things for abs. I don’t do abs that often, maybe twice a week and I just throw it on the tail end of one of my workouts.

Here is my go to Ab workout:

  • Heel Tap Crunches 20
  • Reverse Crunch 20
  • Ball Pass Crunch 15

I’ll repeat that 3-4 times and finish with 5 minutes of planking (not all at once of course, I’ll go as long as possible then stop my timer and continue that until I’ve reached 5 minutes.)



My cardio schedule varies depending on whether I’m prepping or in my off season. So I can’t say how many days of the week I do it because it’s always changing.

My main focus during cardio is heart rate level and time. I do cardio for 30 minutes at a time. I normally do the treadmill and will adjust the speed and incline as needed to maintain an elevated heart rate. I want it raised but not too high. I keep mine between 120-150.

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