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We talk training, nutrition and motivation.


So Kimberly, how did you get started in fitness?

I’ve been active my whole life starting with karate at age 5. I continued throughout my life competing in various sports, and played D2 college tennis all 4 years of my undergraduate studies. My journey into the fitness world began when I broke my foot on the tennis court and was unable to play. Since I could still lift weights, I went to the gym often where I met other bodybuilding competitors who planted the seed to compete in my head. I decided to become a figure competitor and trained in my boot.

I’ve always been naturally lean since I’ve been so active all my life, and once I cleaned up my diet for the first time in my life, I couldn’t believe the impact food had on how my body felt and looked. Seeing and feeling changes in myself was enough motivation for me to change my lifestyle from then on out. I became very intrigued with the lifestyle. After my first competition, I definitely caught the bug!


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I would say my greatest achievement in the fitness world so far has been working as a trainer and watching my clients change their own lives for the better. Nothing is more rewarding than having my clients come up to me and thank me for everything that I’ve helped them achieve.

Most recently, I have a client who just lost his 100th pound and has set personal records in the gym consistently for weeks for his bench press, squat, AND shoulder press. I had another client with nerve issues who was recovering from neck surgery, and when I began working with him, he was unable to raise his arms over his head at all by himself. He told me that he wasn’t even able to lift a can of soda to his mouth without the use of two hands. On my last day with him, he was dumbbell shoulder pressing 10 pounds in each hand! Another client told me that I was the reason she was able to come off all of her diabetes medications. I had another send me a picture in her wedding dress of how beautiful she looked after she lost the weight.


My goal in the fitness world is to inspire, educate, motivate, and support people to develop fitness and nutritional eating programs in order to change their lives. Seeing the positive results from my clients tells me that I am succeeding.


What do you plan on achieving next?

As far as competing goes, I plan to take at least a year off and work on my physique. I have qualified for nationals and placed at least top 5 every show I’ve done, so to take the next step, I want to actually go to compete for my pro card. I am a hard gainer; I’ve been small my whole life, so I know it will take a lot of hard work bringing up my weak points. Until then, I plan to continue doing what I love to do as a trainer helping people improve their own lives and finish my last year in the Physical Therapist Asst program.

What keeps you motivated?

My passion for the lifestyle keeps me motivated. If you don’t have passion, what do you have? To me, fitness is beyond the physical; it’s a way of life. There is a fire that burns within me every day that I have to feed. I say no when others say yes, and I know what I am capable of achieving when I have complete control of my mind and body. Also, knowing that I can help someone achieve their own fitness and health goals by what I’m doing myself is a huge motivator for me on those low-motivation days. Once you realize that you yourself have the ability to sculpt your body through hard workouts and a proper diet, you can’t get enough.

What is your approach to nutrition?

I eat clean year-round and do allow myself 2 cheat meals a week in the off season. I have a huge appetite and an even bigger sweet tooth! To kill my cravings, I use coffee, gum, or flavored hot teas. My meals consist of good carbs/fats and clean protein sources (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, nut butters, chicken, fish, greens, etc.). I am always making healthy dishes in different ways to spice it up and keep it new so I don’t get bored. My macros are 35% C, 45% P, and 20%F on average in season.

My supplementation includes calcium, vitamin D, whey & casein protein, glutamine, and BCAAs.

What is your approach to training?

I like to lift heavy and change up my workouts often in the gym. I don’t have a specific training split, but I do weight train by body zone (back, shoulders, legs, arms, chest, abs). As far as cardio goes, I don’t like to get on a machine unless I have to (during prep) or if I have to study. I’d rather be outside running, hiking, on a hill skiing, biking… anything! Typically, I do cardio 3 times a week in the off season, and increase more as I get closer to a contest.


What are your top three tips for someone starting on their fitness journey?

  1. DON’T expect instant results. You don’t lose weight, gain weight, or get lean over night. Everything takes time, dedication, discipline, consistency, and drive to achieve. If you never give up, you can’t fail. Believing in yourself is a huge piece of the puzzle along with consistency.
  2. One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one good meal won’t make you lean. Don’t be too restrictive with your diet. Before you make any major diet changes, think to yourself “can I do this 5 years from now?” If it’s no, then don’t waste your time! Temporary diets don’t work. Again, consistency is key.
  3. Coming from a physical therapy background, don’t go for too much too soon. You will get burnt out fast, and you risk getting injured. Again, look down the road and think if you can continue the pattern for a long time period. Find what works for you and STICK to it.

Finally, what are your top three gym songs?

My iPod has so many random songs on it. I don’t have specific songs, but I really like dubstep when I lift. Skrillex is a favorite!

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