Marc Hector – UKBFF and IFBB Competitor – The Interview

This week we have been talking to British bodybuilder Marc Hector, we have been discussing his motivation, nutrition, training and competing. If anyone has any questions for Marc leave them in the comments section at the end of the article.


How did you first get into bodybuilding?

Being a keen sports enthusiast when leaving secondary school weight training was always something I wanted to do as I had reached the age to start weight training. I initially started training as I wanted to improve my athletics performance. My dad and Dennis ‘Sugar’ Christopher motivated me to start bodybuilding training. Growing up I seen pictures of them both when they trained together. Sugar went on to compete in bodybuilding and won numerous bodybuilding awards. Although my dad did not compete he also had a great physique. Equally both my dad and Sugar motivated me to get into bodybuilding.

What made you want to start competing?

The main sport that I competed in growing up was athletics, so the switch to bodybuilding now that I am older was easy. I like the fact the bodybuilding is very much an individual sport with the results primarily coming down to me. I had been to watch bodybuilding shows and the atmosphere when watching them was something that I wanted to experience myself first hand on stage.

How did it feel stepping on stage for your first competition?

Initially pulling up in the car park was the most nervous I had been leading up to my first contest. This soon changed when I was waiting backstage for my class to be called on. The feeling when I actually got on stage was unreal in front of the sell out crowd. The moment I had been waiting for had arrived and it was time to display my physique and by this time I had no nerves because myself, Sugar and fellow UKBFF bikini competitor Katie Farnden had worked closely with me to make sure my physique and diet was spot on.

What advice would you give someone considering competing?

If you are serious about competing then go for it. My belief is that you can not afford to approach competing half hearted, you have got to dedicate time into training, nutrition and recovery. Without these aspects you are not setting yourself up to deliver the best version of you on stage.

What is next for you?

Currently I have not got a date set for my next competition. I am torn between competing in the Olympic bodybuilding class formally known as Classic bodybuilding, as this class will be going to the first European Olympic Games in 2015 to be held in Baku. The other option would be to compete in a bodybuilding weight class. At this moment though, I am just focusing on my training and when it comes nearer the time to make a decision then I will.

What does a typical days nutrition look like for you?

My daily diet changes each day depending on what body part I am training in addition to factoring my rest days and my working week. Generally, I have between 6-8 meals with my main meals coming from whole foods. My meals include both protein, fats and carbohydrates. As I am a sponsored Pharmafreak athlete all my supplements are by Pharmafreak. An example of a typical day for me would be:

  • Meal 1 – Porridge oats, egg whites and a few whole eggs, bannana. I would take Pharmafreak Flex Freak x 1 pack , Vita Freak x 1 pack and Anabolic Freak x 2 tablets with meal 1.
  • Meal 2 – (Pre-workout) white potatoes, steak. I would take my Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Pre-workout x 1 scoop shortly after meal 2.
  • During training I drink Amino Freak and Creatine Freak x 1 scoop of each
  • Meal 3 – (Post-workout) 2-3 scoops Protein Freak with oats. I also also include 1 scoop Amino Freak and Creatine Freak
  • Meal 4 – White rice, chicken and green veg
  • Meal 5 – Milk with 2 scoops Protein Freak with oats and 1tbsp peanut butter. Anabolic Freak x 2 tablets with meal 1
  • Meal 6 – Sweet potatoes, chicken and green veg
  • Meal 7 – Egg whites with spinach and walnuts
  • Meal 8 – Cottage cheese
  • Before Bed I take Test Freak x 4 tablets

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What workout program has worked best for you?

My workout routines continually change depending on what phase of training I am in. Recently I have seen my best results through including more drop sets, partial reps, giant sets, forced reps and negatives. My body will only respond to different training methods, I do not stick to one set method of training. No workout is easy thanks to the help and guidance I have been getting from Richard Bentley at Hotbody’s Gym and also from fellow UKBFF competitor Santino Giampalma who is now my trainer partner.

Finally, what keeps you motivated?

When I compete and receive feedback from judges it motivates me as I have been competing for one year and have achieved more than I ever imagined within a year. In the UK I have competed twice with the UKBFF and won both times. I have also competed on the international stage with IFBB amateur both in Europe and the World Championships. When I see my body improve from contest to contest it inspires me to keep bringing my best to the stage as I know there is more to come.


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