Marc Hector’s Arm Training Tips

Marc Hector is one of bodybuildings fast rising stars, in 2013 he won 1st place at the UKBFF UK Nationals (up to 90kg class). Since then he has gone on to compete in the European IFBB and secured sponsorship deals with PharmaFreak and Beyond Genetics. As Marc is renowned for his incredible arms, he has been sharing his top arm training tips with

Marc Hector’s Top Arm Training Tips



Give my top arm training tips a go to recharge your arm workouts and help stimulate new gains. These are my tips of what works best for me, always listen to your own body and pay attention of what works best for you.

  1. Train your biceps and triceps together, my own personal preference is to start with biceps and then superset each bicep exercise with a triceps exercise.
  2. For bicep exercises use a rep range of 8-10 reps.
  3. For tricep exercises use a rep range of 12-15, this is what I find works best for me.
  4. There is no need to train arms for more than 30 minutes, if you are pushing hard, this is enough.
  5. Choose 3-4 exercises for both biceps and triceps and superset these throughout your workout.
  6. Keep rest periods to one minute between supersets, this will keep the intensity high and ensure that you don’t loose the pump.
  7. There is no need for a set arm workout week in week out. Choose your 3-4 exercises for biceps and 3-4 exercises for your triceps at the beginning of each workout. I mix it up from week to week to keep things fresh and my body guessing.
  8. Don’t just change the exercises up but change the angle at which you perform the exercise. This will give you more variations to choose from when choosing your exercises and it will also hit your muscles from all angles for complete muscular development.



Here is an example of my arms workout:

Exercise Sets Reps
Hammer curl 3 10
Rope pushdown 3 12-15
Spider curl 3 10
Z-bar skull crusher 3 12
Straight bar wide grip curl 3 8-10
Z-bar close-grip bench press 3 12-15
Concentration curl * 3 8-10
Machine or bench dips** 3 To failure

*Concentration curl unsupported using an adjustable pulley machine from a low setting

** Machine dips keep body as straight as possible



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