The Ultimate Guide to Kettlebells

Kettlebells are increasingly becoming a regular choice of equipment for increasing strength, muscle tone and improving cardiovascular performance. We have been speaking with Stephen Aish Msc, an international kettlebell coach, althlete and record holder to create the ultimate beginners guide to kettlebells.

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CrossFit Workout

What is CrossFit All About?

Recently, a lot of people have been asking questions about CrossFit. For those who haven’t already given it a go, we have put together an overview and even included a CrossFit style workout that you can try yourself without even having to join a CrossFit gym.

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Serge Nubret - Profile, Workout, Photos and Diet

Serge Nubret “The Black Panther” – Diet, Workout & Profile

With 18 bodybuilding titles, including Mr Europe, Mr Universe and Mr World, Serge Nubret has been named as one of the most aesthetic men of all time and one of bodybuilding’s ‘Golden Era’ royalty. This is our exclusive profile on Serge Nubret, featuring his workouts, diet, ab training and the story behind his bodybuilding success.

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